Martial Arts classes are suitable for the specified age category or family class's suitable for everyone.


Classes start at the age of 5 and up, (you're never to old to start only to young to end).

We ensure that all ages and abilities will enjoy our sessions so whether you are 5, 40 or 80 years old you are more than welcome to come down and have your FREE Trial!

We also have some events and community self defence or fitness sessions over the summer holiday period so check out the relevant pages under the home button or to the left depending on your device. 

We even have "Special Educational Needs" suitable classes.

And we also provide the option of 1-2-1 sessions for everyone.

Red Eagle Martial arts is a 'Champions Development' school based in Crawley, which began its development in mid 2017.


We train a mixture of Wado Ryu traditional karate and Freestyle Karate. We also have a kickboxing programme and  weaponry programme which we will be launching in the near future. Classes cover a range of things from fitness, circuit training, traditional martial arts to freestyle martial arts and for more advanced students weapon techniques. While we focus mainly on karate we also cover self defence that comes from different forms of martial arts. We will also train different styles of martial arts from time to time to understand and build on individuals understanding and knowledge of what to do in different situations and the difference between stand up fighting and ground fighting (from a self defence POV).

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