Little Ninja's

age 4-6


Our Age 4 - 6 year old students learn basic martial arts skills
but more importantly will develop critical Life Skills needed to succeed in life.

Junior Assassins

age 7-12


Our Age 7-12 students learn a full syllabus of martial arts, we don't water it down, this is because from age 7 children learn at the same (or better) rate than an adult therefore they learn just as much however any contact is monitored closely.

Juniors +

Teens ...

WHY ???

Fierce Teens

age 13-17


Our Teen classes are designed to both challenge students but also keep their focus. Often it's the teens that get bored and quit … but not with us, keeping it fun while pushing their boundary's and keeping it social while disciplined.

Why do we have our Juniors and Teens in the same class? 

Our classes are specially designed to suit both age groups.
Because of the type of and limited amount of contact in our classes there is no reason to separate these classes.


Additionally it is great for developing social skills and other skills.

This means our classes allow us to do things differently to open martial arts schools and allows us to keep our classes fun, engaging and learning in a great environment.


Coming Soon


age 18+


Adults don't want it easy … they want to sweat and be challenged to exceed their limits … Our adult sessions are just that, join our adult classes, feel your self being pushed to your limits, break your limits both physically and mentally.

Super Ladies

age 18+


Ladies only class, suitable for all ladies over 18. We get it that many ladies don't want to train with the men, well here you don't have to with dedicated sessions just for you. No more worrying about the men hitting to hard.

Coming Soon

Super Family

age 5+


Our family class is there for anyone to take part who is over the age of 5, the idea is for parents and their kids to train together, great for family bonding and having fun together. We also do a lot of 'Life Skill Development' and parents will learn how to implement these at home too.

Coming Soon

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