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What Makes Red Eagle's MA stand out from the rest ...

Our Student app is one of a kind specifically developed to support martial arts students and personalised for Red Eagle's MA very own students.

key features on our student app...

1: Student Resource's …

This is essentially everything our students will learn in class.

Providing our students with everything they need to learn for each grading means every student can train out side of class for example at home.

With everything broken down into each grade from white belt to black belt, our students can easily find their syllabus within the app to learn what they need in order to grade for their next belt level.

2: Event registration...

We understand some times you want to find out more info about an event before signing up and 'right now' is not always the best time for you.


That is why with our APP you are able to read up on any events we are offering and register your / your child's space 24/7 at whatever time is most convenient for you.

If you find you want more info, the write up doesn't answer a question you may have … you have direct contact with the Instructor team directly in the APP via phone / text / Facebook / Instagram and coming very soon is Direct in APP messaging just like facebook's messenger. We provide all this so that you can connect with us in the most convenient way possible for you.

3: Membership's...

Once a member of our MA school you will be enrolled into a membership just like any other MA school/club. However at Red Eagle's MA you will be enrolled via the APP. This has several benefits which are covered below.

4: Class sign in...

By enrolling into a membership on our APP, We are able to track students class attendance and sign you in per class. This isn't just for us to track who comes to class but also by law we have to have a register just like at school, And we have to follow the GDPR laws which is much easier and safer when done digitally.

5: Retail - club shop...

Just like with the events, we understand that some times you want to make an order but 'right now' isn't always the best time for you … that is why we have our club shop built into our APP with 24/7 access to make orders.

This means if you want to make an order but forget to do so at class you can easily do it with a couple of taps of your finger on your phone with no hassle.

We are also able to monitor stock levels are make them visible in APP so you can see how many are in-stock with live updates.

6: In APP payments...

We will be rolling out in-app payments very soon for our customers. This will include memberships, events, retail.

In order to make paying via the app a breeze of fresh air we have built in a secure risk free storage area where you can enter participant info i.e. the student, the buyer's info i.e. parent, and the payment info.

All payment info is secured with TOP  LEVEL start to end encryption,

All personal non financial info is secured with TOP LEVEL coding used by Amazon to make sure All your personal and financial info is protected by top level security. For more info on how we keep all your info secure please ask and we can send you in-depth info.

Additionally … We pride ourselves on our Life Skill Development System as one of the only in West Sussex, we will be adding our 'LSDS' onto our APP in the near future allowing parents direct access to implement skills and technique's at home. For more info on our LSDS click this button.


Our Student APP is available to all students (and we recommend one parent with a master account who will deal with any & all personal & financial info).

To download: 

Click the apple store OR  Google Play Store and hit "Install"

Please note you will need to verify your email and use our School Log in code to gain access. 

You will also need a user name and password due to the financial info.

IF you have financial info stored on your account (recommended parents not under 18s)  we suggest logging out after use in case you lose your phone.

For students with no personal / financial info stored, then you don't need to worry about signing out.

For any more questions about our APP please leave us a message or email us on the contact page.

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